Rambling About Moana

I’m obsessed with Moana. The animation is beautiful (the hair itself is fantastic!) and I am so very close to writing a blog post devoted to the hilarious background characters of Motunui. I could even watch an entire film devoted to the wild antics of the little kids that adventure around Moana’s home and have a good time. Of the three ‘princess’ CG animated movies, Moana is most definitely my favorite.

While Tangled and Frozen were really descent in their own right as far as technical animation, storytelling, and music go, Moana stands out for me because there is no villain (neither a crazy mother or awkward evil-prince in disguise as a good prince) and the final conflict was resolved without any real violence. It was neat.

I also want to sing a beautiful song at a volcano goddess and touch my forehead against her. I just want to be Moana. She’s so cool. I do wish her oar became a nifty magical item like Maui’s hook. It would be cool if Moana herself had become a demi-god since she did something pretty godly for a mortal.

Anyway here is a cool video by Lindsey Ellis deep diving into Disney Villains and how they’re going away. I have mixed feelings about what Disney is doing, but I’ll take stories of redemption over stories of ‘kick evil’s ass for not particular reason’ any day.


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