Gurren Lagann, or The Drug You Have To See To Take

I finally say down to watch Gurren Lagann (I am a big, big fan of Trigger's much better work, Kill La Kill) and I have to say, the show is crazy, nuts, and sometimes actually really good when it's not getting lost in its own butt. There are many friends of mine that are into... Continue Reading →


Divine Vector

Do you remember the 1999 movie Stigmata? About the lady who gets a possessed (blessed?) artifact and slowly begins to have episodes of stigmata? It's filled with the kind of dark and gritty symbolism that made The Crow so great to watch? Anyway there's a part in the movie where the main character is possessed... Continue Reading →


I went to Montréal for seven days. It's a beautiful town with a really interesting history. I've always wanted to go and I'm glad I did: the artwork and culture are really inspiring, the architecture is a beautiful blend of 17th century France all the way through the 21st Century. The food is fantastic and they... Continue Reading →

The Heroic Legends of Daryun

The Heroic Legends of Arslan is a very interesting adventure anime based off of a Persian legend that follows the story of Daryun and his mighty spear as he slays foes, protects some prince, and looks smoldery into the camera. His beloved uncle passes away and he becomes a nemesis with anyone who doesn't agree... Continue Reading →

inFamous: On Second Thought

inFAMOUS: Second Son is an interesting entry into the series. It's the best for gameplay but the weakest for story (I am not including the stand alone DLC with Fetch) and it builds successfully upon Cole's jaunts around the country blasting things to oblivion. Regardless of the laws though, Second Son is fun and the story... Continue Reading →

Yona of the Awesome

Yona of the Dawn is an incredible Anime and I'll try not to spoil any story moments while I vaguely review it. For starters, let me say that Yona has the greatest Princess-turned-Warrior story line of any Anime I've seen up to this date. It is incredibly refreshing to see a woman not slap on... Continue Reading →

We Are All Dracula…

...when it comes to defending our significant others. Netflix's recent Castlevania is perfect. Sure it's flawed in some banal areas, but the finished product has everything: A whip that explodes when it hits demons. Platforming. Every human being has dramatic flare. Dracula is super gloomy and pissed. A mysterious mystical order. Gorgeous action scenes. Great... Continue Reading →

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